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Hand painted designs on upcycled products

Welcome to CustomMaid. I am a Cornwall (uk) based artist , who specializes in painting on various upcycled materials including shoes, boots, bags , wood, canvas and others. I even paint straight forward portraits onto canvas or paper 😜 ( I do try and use recycled frames when I can , to keep up the ethos of upcycling used products. As well as selling hand painted upcycled products , I also take commissions . I am open to all kinds of requests.To see more of my work look up-
Also, if you are a fellow RENegade and are interested in prints or alternative Ren merch then check out ‘the rising tide’ section of where I have collaborated with Ange Long and a bunch of other artists from the rabbithole to produce all sorts of products including mugs, magnets , notebooks and coming soon … tshirts 😊

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My wee business

I work from a little studio at my home in Cornwall.   I’ve always loved the thought of creating art that is also useful, hence the idea to paint on boots , bags etc.    Using second hand items means that I get to put new life into interesting quality products that may previously be overlooked , it is better for our environment and also makes it more affordable for everyone.   I also take commissions,  supply me with your own footwear, bag , jacket etc and I will hand paint your ideas on to them ,creating something completely unique for you or an amazingly personal gift for a loved one. As long as the item is in good , paintable condition I will consider anything.   I prepare each surface before painting and with wearable items ,I use specialised (waterproof)paints and finishers that help protect the artwork.

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Tim Burton

One person’s craziness is another person’s reality

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Step 1- send me a message with your idea and what you would like me to customize . The item needs to be in good , paintable condition. I can cover a multitude of sins with paint, including sun bleaching and discoloration but proper wear and tear won’t be fixed by a bit of art although it might hide it a bit .
Step 2-I will get back to you with possibly some more questions  😜 and then a quote on price and you can decide wether you would like to proceed. The price will reflect how much painting you would like done so we can negotiate to fit your budget.
Step 3- you can then send me your item.
Step 4- I will send you some sketches and ideas and we can come up with the perfect design for you.Step 5- I will hand paint artwork (using appropriate paints for material ) on to item and then send pictures to be approved by you.
Step 6- once approved you can transfer the amount we agreed to me and I will send finished item to you. Step 7-you ( or whoever you’ve gifted it to) can then strut down town with your totally original customised item, knowing no one else in the world has one like it!!! It is as unique as you 😊

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please contact me for more information or for a quote on a commission with no obligations 

Cornwall, UK

Thanks for submitting!

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Team work 

Our little dream team

I have collaborated with another artist and fellow RENegade,Ange Long on a separate project . Ange has a little shop in Mulion( Cornwall) called‘ A Long Sea Breeze’ and there she is able to print on lots of different things. Our dream Is to produce altenative Ren merch to promote Ren, shine a light on different artists from RENSrabbitholefans on Facebook and help various causes.Our motto is ‘ A rising tide lifts all boats’ and we aim to help individuals and small businesses .At the moment it has just been Ange and I producing the artwork but we are hoping to bring new people in next year.Together,so far we have made £180.We have chosen our good cause , our ‘little boat’ to help lift up and she is in Cornwall too ❤️ so we will be able to keep tabs on her progress 😊Her name is Ann-Marie and has been suffering for the Last 10 years with undiagnosed Lyme disease . She is saving up for treatment with a specialist and th  there putting the money towards . There is a Link to her gofundme page below if you would like to help 🥰

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Me(RaynaRobins) and the lovely Ange Long

Co-Founder & Partner of rabbitholemakesmerch

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